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Pure Brazilian Keratin 3.4 fl oz + Clarifying Shampoo 5 fl oz COCOCHOCO

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Clarifying Shampoo 5 fl oz

Highly effective Clarifying shampoo required for preparing your hair for Brazilian keratin. The mixture of cleaning components, which cleans your hair thoroughly and eliminates all surface contaminants, allows better penetration of keratin into the internal structure of hair. The advanced modern technology of the shampoo increases the pH value and opens the skin beneath your hair for optimal results.

To be used only before the application of Brazilian keratin. Not recommended for regular use!

Pure Brazilian Keratin 3.4 fl oz

FOR HAIR: designed essentially to brighten up your blond shades; for strongly damaged, chemically treated, wavy, curly, stubborn, weakened hair.

The COCOCHOCO Pure Brazilian Keratin is designed especially for light-coloured, damaged, weakened and chemically treated hair. COCOCHOCO Pure keratin can recover and revive even very damaged hair. Professional keratin provides long-lasting shiny and exceptionally soft hair.

COCOCHOCO Pure contains natural keratin protein and it is designed especially for weakened and damaged hair. It contains organic ingredients such as mineral silicon and the highest concentration of pure keratin. This composition helps achieve the best effect for hair restoration and regeneration of strongly damaged hair. Hair treated with this keratin gains healthy and flexible appearance

  • Does not change the colour of your hair - particularly, the blond hair will not have a yellow tint after Pure keratin treatment
  • The highest content of pure keratin in a keratin product on our market
  • Deep hydration and regeneration of damaged, frayed hair
  • Regeneration of the hair weakened by dyeing or chemical treatment
  • Adds exceptional softness and smoothness throughout the length of your hair
  • Safe use, does not contain formaldehyde
  • In addition to the regeneration effect, keratin is an intensive and efficient way to straighten your hair throughout its length
  • Its effects are visible for 3-4 months (depending on the type of hair)


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+ I really don't have to iron my hair if I blow it over with a round brush, it doesn't frizz, it seems healthier.

Unfortunately, hair gets graesy faster. Normally I washed once every 2 days, now I have to wash every day. After the application, it is necessary to wait 72 hours without washing the hair. I waited only 48h.

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      - no effect
      - strong odor

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          Doesn't work much

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              + After the application and ironing, the hair is beautifully shiny and healthy to the touch. On the third day after washing the hair, it was really enough to dry the hair with a hair dryer and the hair remained beautifully soft.

              - My hair did not stay perfectly smooth (straight). The hair is tangled and oily faster.

              I expected more from the application of keratin. By no means did my hair look like on the video on the Cocochoco site after applying keratin and ironing. My eyes stung only when I was appling keratin, I had no problem with ironing. I recommend it to those who put up with tangled hair, which gets greasy faster. Hair is healthier to the touch.

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                  The hair is really straight after each wash, I don't have to use a hair straightener at all.

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                      I will definitely buy again

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                          I recommend Keratin to everyone who has dry, brittle and frizzy hair and wants to have beautiful, nourished and straight hair. Although you may not wash your hair for 3 days after application, it is worth the effect. I highly recommend it to everyone!